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Post-Masters or 2nd Year Students in MSW/MFT Program
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Application Deadline: Until positions are filled
Interviews begin late January
Please apply early

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Do you or someone you love suffer from depression or anxiety? Counseling can facilitate change and bring hope to you and your family.

-Discovery Counseling Center offers counseling for:
-Adolescent Issues
-Alcohol Recovery 
-Anger Management 
-Child Temperament Issues 
-Eating Disorders
-Family Disharmony
-Grief & Loss
-Low Self Esteem 
-Parenting Issues 

Discovery offers comprehensive affordable and accessible mental health services 
in time of crisis, emotional need and life transitions.
                                 About Discovery Counseling Center 

Discovery is a community based non-profit organization serving our community for over 40 years. Discovery Counseling Center is dedicated to enhancing the well-being and quality of life for individuals and families in the greater San Ramon Valley. We are committed to providing you with affordable and high quality mental health services and improving bonding and healthy communication in your family. 

Ending Screen Time Without a Struggle 
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DeMar DeRozan
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