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               The Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Team is a community coalition that is focused on reducing alcohol access to minors by utilizing Environmental Prevention strategies. The Environmental Prevention approach seeks to create an alcohol environment that supports healthy, safe behavior. This type of prevention uses strategies which address the context of alcohol-related community problems. Our prevention team focuses on changing policies, settings, and comprehensive effort, we hope that we will see a reduction in the number of alcohol-related problems among the youth in the San Ramon Valley. 

Meetings typically held the second week of the month. 

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Junior Prom is a formal, social gathering for the junior class and their guests.  Many students attend a pre-party gathering before the dance, usually hosted by parents.  Often there are parties after the event as well.  In order to ensure that is a safe event for everyone, ADAPT San Ramon Valley has compiled a few tips to share.

  • Discuss school's dance rules with your child and consequences of violating them.  Click to see the school rules in the Student Handbook.  Monte Vista, San Ramon Valley, Cal, Dougherty Valley
  • Discuss provisional driving rules – they apply on Prom night.  For more info, see
  • Make sure your child has a plan for the evening – including before and after the dance -- and that you know it.  Ask your teen to commit to the plan in advance. 
  • If your child has more than one party invitation, pick one for pre-ball and one for post-ball. It’s safest NOT to party-hop.
  • If you have alcohol, prescription drugs and/or marijuana in your home, lock them up.  Mixing alcohol with prescription drugs can be lethal. 
  • Communicate with other parents about the teens’ plans.
  • Do NOT rent hotel rooms for party-goers. In general, hotels don't rent to minors so they need a parent's involvement.  A parent whose credit card is used is liable for damages (which can be considerable if a party gets out of hand). Don't let your child attend a hotel party unless you know and trust the chaperones or are chaperoning yourself.
  • Encourage seatbelt use -- the best accessory!


For Parents Hosting a Before/After Party at Home:

Hosting a party at your home can quickly get out of hand, so think very carefully before choosing to host.  If you decide to, consider these precautions:

Together with your teen, decide the party's start and end times, how many guests you can handle – keeping it small (8-10- total) is best, and who will be invited.  Require RSVPs in advance and make a list.  Have an adult check guests off the list as they arrive.

Get advance agreement with your teen on the party rules, such as no drinking or drugs; no smoking; no leaving the party and then returning; needing to arrive at the party by a specified time after the Prom ends; and no turning off the lights or using rooms that you've declared off-limits.  Make it clear that you’ll call parents if you feel you need to do so.

Do not serve alcohol. This may seem obvious, but some parents assume that high school students may drink on Prom night and feel it's better for them to do it under parental supervision.  Serving alcohol to minors is illegal.  The Town of Danville, the City of San Ramon and Contra Costa County all have Social Host Ordinances that prohibit hosting a party where alcohol is served to anyone under 21.  The penalty is a misdemeanor and fine of up to $1000.  The host can be held civilly and criminally liable.

If you host a pre-party with parents in attendance, have it alcohol free as a way to show that all celebrations do not require alcohol.

Make it clear that you won't allow gatecrashers.  Plan on the party to have more attendance than expected.  Invitations get broadcast using social media and attendance can quickly grow out of control.  If an invited guest has been drinking when he/she arrives at the party, call the parents to come pick him/her up. Call the police if additional support is needed. 


Greet guests at the door. Your teen will want you to keep a low profile, but you need to circulate. Watch for large bags in which kids might carry alcohol. Serve food in small quantities so you can replenish supplies to keep an eye on the festivities.


Check your yard periodically for hidden alcohol and other substances, intoxicated youth and uninvited guests.


Invite a few other parents, both to keep you company (and awake all night!) and to help keep order.  It's also smart to alert your neighbors.


If Your Teen Is Going To Someone Else’s Home:   Call the host parent in advance to find out the ground rules.  Call even if your teen pressures you not to call.  Find out when the party will end and who will be chaperoning.   Offer to help or bring food (it’s also an icebreaker for your call if you don’t know the parents).

Sources and Resources:

  • Experienced San Ramon Valley Unified School District high school parents

Below are videos on prescription drug abuse, underage drinking and underage marijuana use
These are the three topics that the team focuses on.
Permanent Drop Off Sites for Unwanted/Unused/Expired Medication 
(can be dropped off during departments'/sites' business hours)

Danville Police Department
510 LaGonda Way 
Danville, CA 94526
Hours: M-Fri 8:30 AM - 5:00 PM
(sharps accepted) 

San Ramon Police Department
2401 Crow Canyon Road
San Ramon, CA 94583
Hours: M-Fri 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Alamo Sheriff's Substation 
150 Alamo Plaza, Suite C
Alamo, CA 94507
(925) 837-2902
(sharps accepted)